One Hundred Sleepless Nights - Pierce The Veil

Drummer Mike Fuentes puts in a stellar performance on this track by Pierce The Veil.

The style is metal with a shuffle feel, which always makes for an interesting drum part.

There are a few double kick moments in the song mixed with rock shuffles, 16th triplet fills, pounding tom patterns and a contrasting beat played on the rims.

Download the PDF transcription.

Vultures - John Mayer

Steve Jordan has the ability to make something that is so simple sound amazing.

As Steve says "There's a big difference between easy and simple".

The Intro, verse and chorus have set kick patterns which lock in with the bass guitar.

As the song progresses the kick pattern varies, particularly in the solo section.

Use your ears to choose a kick pattern that compliments the music.

Download the PDF chart.

Rude - Magic!

This is a reggae inspired song with some great drum part changes. It sounds like it could belong on a record by The Police.

We jump straight in to the first verse with a repetitive hi hat pattern, before launching into a bouncy half time feel.

There are plenty of fills in this song, most of which are not notated on the chart, so you can create your own. Start with simple fills, then try listening and learning some of the recorded fills. 

Download the PDF chart.

Yellow - Coldplay

This is a great beginner song, and one that I've been teaching for many years.

There is a set groove for each section - intro, verse and chorus.

There are no fills, which makes it an ideal song for learning how to groove while changing between different rock beats.

'Yellow' uses grooves from Lessons 2 & 3, with the addition of open hi hats (Lesson 6) in the verses.

Download the pdf chart.